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Who we are

Adivo knows markets

Adivo is a global strategy and marketing consultancy specialized in the healthcare and consumer industries. We operate out of eleven global hubs.


Our approach begins with a deep understanding of global and local markets, market segments and channels as well as customer segments and behavior. From that basis, we identify unmet needs, size opportunities and assist our clients in addressing these through innovation and product development.


We help clients access markets and assess how innovative products can address market opportunities - capturing market share by geography, market segment, and sales channels.


What we do - overview


Adivo engages with clients in corporate planning and strategy development, innovation and design consulting, M&A and licensing due diligence, asset screens and product portfolio analytics.


We have broad and deep expertise in market landscape assessments, market monitoring, market entry/access strategy development, competitive intelligence, pricing and reimbursement assessments, and marketing communication support for product development and launch environments.


Based on our market knowledge, we identify new market opportunities, design the optimal market entry strategy and advise growth strategies.


We utilize a proprietary falsification approach to ensure that executives have objective information to make better decisions.


Additionally, Adivo offers “specialized services” which arise out of our expert market knowledge and capabilities.


Adivo's goal is simple:


Give the best advice possible.

What we do - Falsification

“A hypothesis that is NOT falsifiable must be true.” (Karl Popper, German Philosopher)


Falsification deals with the active search of scientifically sound information to disprove a working hypothesis. If no sound data to disprove the hypothesis can be generated or found, the hypothesis must be true.


Falsification is the opposite function of verification which is prone to be biased due to stakeholder motivation to find and generate supportive data that proves their hypothesis. Even the most objective investigator is prone to interpret information favorably since it supports the hypothesis that motivated her to engage in this endeavor in the first place.


Falsification differs from Devil’s advocacy in so far that it does not rely on the experience and expertise of individuals (i.e. KOL bias) but on objectively collected and interpreted data.


Adivo utilizes a strict falsification playbook to prevent companies from committing to large strategic errors.


Only an independent party should falsify a business hypothesis.


No matter the outcome – falsification will optimize your strategy.


Specialized Services

Due to our market reach and expert knowledge, we offer specialized ad-hoc services around the globe:


Business turn-around

General Manager (GM) services for global expansion

Expert witness representation



  • + What you will do if you join Adivo

    Work to solve the most complex business problems

    Interact daily with teammembers across the globe

    Present to clients from day one


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    Work with a team driven by the goal "to give the best advice possible"

    Flexible work environment enabled by the latest hardware and software systems

    An open and intellectually stimulating environment "no day is ever the same as the last"



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